Buying Guide For Tub Transfer Bench
All the essential points that you need to consider prior to purchasing a tub transfer bench

Tub transfer benches are a type of seat that is placed over the side of a bathtub for a user to sit on whilst they enter the tub. It allows people to remain seated and stable while moving in and out of the tub. This safety aid is an excellent addition to the bathroom of vulnerable people, such as the elderly, disabled or mobility-restricted, as well as anyone who just needs an added level of stability in the bathroom.

A tub transfer bench can vulnerable people to maintain their safety and independence in the bathroom.

Adjustable Features

Tub transfer benches come with a few different adjustable features to ensure that the aid fits into any bathroom space safely and smoothly. Due to the fact that every tub is slightly different in height, the tub transfer bench has an adjustable height feature to accommodate most bathrooms. This will also allow the aid to be adjusted to a height that is comfortable and safe for each individual user. Aside from height adjustability, the backrest element of a tub transfer bench can also be changed from left, to right, to ensure that the aid works effectively in every bathroom.

Bench Surface

Different materials are available for the surface of tub transfer benches, and each has its own set of pros and cons. Padded benches, which are often covered in leather or other materials, can be extremely comfortable for the user, something that must be considered if the user will be remaining on the bench for extended periods of time. The difficulty that comes with this kind of bench surface is that it can become difficult to slide across when wet. A plastic or acrylic bench surface whilst being a harder surface is easy to slide across, making the ease of use the best it can be. If a user is not particularly strong, then acrylic or plastic surfaces would be best suited to their needs.

Style of Bench

Tub transfer benches are available with, and without backrests, and whether you decide to have one or not should depend on the needs of the user. Tub benches with no backrest make it easier for the user to move around and maneuver themselves in the tub, it also means that the aid can seamlessly fit in the bathroom without an issue as the aid can face either way. Tub benches with backrests, however, provide extra support and comfort to the user. With a backrest, the user can relax a bit more, and won’t have to worry about slipping off of the aid which could cause injury.

Weight Capacity

It is important to note the weight of the user and the weight restrictions of the tub transfer bench. For most users, the tub transfer bench should be able to support their entire body weight, but for safety purposes, it is always best to check the weight restrictions. If the user exceeds the weight restrictions for the aid, the bench could collapse, and severely injure the user. If it is possible, it is always best to test the aid before purchase.

Finding the Right Aid For YouTub transfer benches can be an excellent addition to the bathroom of elderly, disabled and mobility-restricted individuals. This buying guide provides some insight into what things need to be considered before and when purchasing a new safety aid for the bathroom.
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